Your Team Just Gained Two

Digital Fundraising Experts

Seamlessly integrate digital fundraising into your annual strategy
with the guidance and expertise of two dedicated advisors.

Your Ally in the Age of Digital Fundraising

Digital Fundraising Consulting

A USEED Program Advisor will be your resident digital fundraising strategist. They’ll help you identify program goals, avoid common digital fundraising pitfalls, and seamlessly integrate USEED’s technology and processes into your day-to-day workflows.

Crowdfunding Governance and Training

A USEED Campaign Advisor will be your resident crowdfunding expert. They’ll vet, educate, and encourage every student, faculty, and staff team throughout building, launching, and promoting their campaign.

Technical Support

Our support agents will be your on-demand USEED technology experts. If you, your staff, campaigners, or donors need help using any portion of our platform, we offer an empathetic ear and a timely solution.

Donors Engaged
Dollars Raised
Completed Campaigns

Crowdfunding Governance and Training

We provide a Campaign Advisor, a proven system, and a suite of simple technology, so you can quickly and comprehensively vet and train every crowdfunding team.

Proven Training Methodology

With the guidance of a USEED Campaign Advisor, a step-by-step campaign roadmap, and scheduled activity reminders, every team is empowered to conduct a campaign that donors are excited to support.

Crowdfunding Governance

Ensure each campaign complies with your fundraising policies with our integrated campaign application and vetting procedures. Control and monitor every campaign from a single dashboard.


Digital Fundraising Services

Your USEED Program Advisor is dedicated to helping you launch digital fundraising programs and campaigns that fill your donor pipeline, engage your young alumni, fund causes from across your campus, and strengthen your relationship with donors.


Scale Crowdfunding Results

Engage in goal-oriented strategy conversations and regular progress check-ins to keep you on target towards achieving your crowdfunding goals. Learn how to market your program to your campus and fill your campaign pipeline.

Add Digital to Your Strategic Plan

Tap into a network of experts to stay up-to-date with the most effective digital fundraising practices, and skillfully launch digital fundraising campaigns - giving days, cause pages, matchup campaigns - targeted at your annual goals.

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