About This Video

Paul Racz, Director of Campaign Success at USEED, along with Kristen Gluch, Director of Content Development, discuss the importance of peer-to-peer crowdfunding.

Peer-to-peer Crowdfunding is the act of reaching out to the people you already have relationships with, such as family, friends, and coworkers and asking them to either donate to or share your crowdfunding campaign. Additionally, we learn that Peer-to-Peer emails are 300 times more effective than emails from an organization.

Kristen also shares her personal experience with peer-to-peer crowdfunding and how she set out to personally raise $500 toward a crowdfunding campaign that mattered to her. Through emailing just 21 people she already knew throughout the 30-day campaign, she exceeded her personal goal and helped the team complete a successful campaign.

Finally, Kristen and Paul sign off with a couple challenges to begin brainstorming your own personal networks and setting a challenge of emailing at least 21 different people over the course of your crowdfunding campaign.