Meet the 9 Higher Education Institutions Crowdfunding with Us on #GivingTuesday

Three weeks.

Nine higher education institutions joined us and implemented a #GivingTuesday crowdfunding campaign in just three weeks.

And we could not be more thrilled with the results.

Read on to learn about these institutions, why they are raising awareness on #GivingTuesday, and what we love about each of their campaigns!


Jacobs University Foundation of America (JUFA)

About the campaign:12307992_454564531393347_8969446181904231894_o (2)

JUFA is engaging their community this #GivingTuesday to be a part of something brand new on their campus. This year, they are introducing the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund and have set a fundraising goal of $55,000 over the next five years. In an act of boldness and courage, JUFA joined us for #GivingTuesday to give this scholarship a kick start by reaching out to their alumni for the first time.

And kick start they did!

Why we love it:

We are excited to share that Jacobs University Foundation of America was our first institution to reach their initial target funding goal for their #GivingTuesday campaign ($10,000). The day is young, though, and they are showing no signs of stopping. It is also clear that JUFA has an incredibly generous alumni base, which is exciting for them to be able to unlock through crowdfunding!

"Most results came from the personal emails that were sent," Jessica Ice - JUFA's leader for this initiative - told us following their unprecedented success. They plan to shift their focus now from the funding goal to participation. Jessica noted, "This is the first time we have reached out to our alumni donor base... We are very excited to see alumni engagement."

What a victory for JUFA!


Lake Superior State University (LSSU)

zC1cbydx (1)About the campaign:

This year for #GivingTuesday, LSSU is educating their community on the importance of the Fund for LSSU, which supports philanthropy, enrollment, infrastructure, and student professional development. They are focused on sharing this campaign through social media under the #BelieveinBlueDay hashtag, and it's working. Check out their campaign to see donor activity in real time!

Why we love it:

LSSU is creating a social media movement within their community, and they have aligned their goal perfectly with their mission. This campaign is not focused on a dollar goal, but instead, a donor goal. More specifically, they are looking to engage 426 donors.

This unique goal size is piquing interest, and the fact that LSSU is embracing a donor goal sends the message to their community that everybody matters to their #GivingTuesday campaign, no matter how much they give!


Lewis & Clark Law School

12316283_10153760581722241_8392966167848161091_n (2)About the campaign:

Today is #GiveLawDay at Lewis & Clark Law School, and they are seeking to spend #GivingTuesday crowdfunding on behalf of their student scholarship fund, from which a significant amount of their students benefit.

Lewis & Clark has also aligned this campaign to celebrate their centennial - and what better way to do that than empowering their students with the financial assistance they need to make their academic goals a reality?

Why we love it:

Testimonials are powerful in personalizing the campaign and making it real to the audience. A current Lewis & Clark scholarship recipient, Michelle Chao, also speaks directly to potential donors with a quote and then a moving call to action:

"...Please consider making a gift in support of our students, in celebration of this important milestone for the law school. My children and I ask that you continue this journey with us. We're looking forward to seeing you at the finish line! With profound thanks, we are forever grateful for your kindness."

When we showcase those who have been - and will be - directly impacted by an initiative, we give our audience opportunities to connect and visualize the impact of their gift.


University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM)

WebGivingTuesday-AlumniAssoc2 (1)

About the campaign:

University of Louisiana Monroe's #ULMGivingTuesday campaign is focused on leaving a legacy for the residents of the Northeast LA War Veterans Home by crowdfunding on behalf of a scholarship fund in their honor.

Why we love it:

#GivingTuesday is more than asking for and giving money on behalf of a cause that matters to you. The spirit of #GivingTuesday is just that - giving. Giving your time, your resources, your voice. All of that should be celebrated and encouraged today.

ULM is highlighting this aspect of #GivingTuesday by showcasing how their institution is also giving back. University of Louisiana Monroe students, faculty, and staff will be giving back in a number of ways, including signing up to volunteer for the War Veterans Home and writing holiday cards to its residents.

It is clear that ULM deeply respects and honors our veterans, and we are proud to have been able to partner with such passionate advocates.


Sauk Valley Community College (SVCC)

12274199_10153572462469300_4809226722530306716_n (1)About the campaign:

Sauk Valley Community College is seeking to financially support one student annually who has at least one parent or guardian who also attended SVCC. This scholarship is intended to not only relieve the financial burden from a student, but to also pave a generational legacy for SVCC.

Why we love it:

We often have people ask us here at USEED: "Is this campaign too specific?"

And we always answer the same way: "Nope!"

SVCC's campaign is a great example that showcases that the more targeted the campaign, the easier it will be to engage a specific community. In this case, the target audience for this campaign is SVCC alumni who have children that will likely go there as well.

We think this is a brilliant approach to raising funds for a scholarship, and we can't wait to see how SVCC continues to engage their alumni to help fund it!


Spoon River College (SRC)

About the campaign:

Spoon River College's #GivingSPOONday campaign highlights the impact of their foundation and encourages alumni, friends, and family to make a gift to it in order to best support the students on campus.

Throughout this campaign, SRC educates their audience around the importance of this fund as well as provides steps on how to help spread the word to their personal networks, a key piece to a successful campaign!

Why we love it:

SRC has showcased what we call "Impact Items" - different giving levels one might choose to donate, as well as a way that giving amount might tangibly impact students.

We love Impact Items because they educate donors on how their gift might be used, instilling trust and strengthening the bond between the institution and the donor.

Check it out:

SRC2 (1)


Southeastern Tech College (STC)

About the campaign:

Today, Southeastern Technical College is seeking to provide financial support to students by helping them cover tuition, fees, textbooks, and additional tools needed for academic success. They are reaching out to their community and boldly asking for gifts for students in need of financial assistance that financial aid doesn't cover.

Why we love it:12342283_10153743785847421_367244124000706757_n (1)

STC's hashtag, #GivingTuitTuesday

Get it? Here's why it's awesome on multiple levels:


  • They used Giving Tuesday branding.

  • "Tuit" is a play on words for "Tuition" and "To it" (mind blown)

  • It's unique - nobody else on Twitter is using it!


We love everything about this hashtag, and it personally makes me happy every time I get to write it.


University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss)

About the campaign:Save_The_Date_-_Giving_Tuesday_Football_2 (1)

University of Southern Mississippi Athletics is seeking funding for one student-athlete scholarship, which is about $12,500. They are operating under the hashtag #GivingTuesdaySMTTT and are focused on social media efforts to share the message that if their community comes together today, they can transform a student-athlete's life.

Why we love it:

University of Southern Mississippi has done a wonderful job with their branding on their campaign page. They are using "Help fund ONE Student-Athlete scholarship in ONE day" as a tagline, which is highlighting their sense of urgency as well as the impact a day can have.

They also recognize that their audience is likely filled with sports fans and players, so including beautiful action shots is likely to instill a sense of excitement and nostalgia.

We also love working with athletics because they have a unique perspective on teamwork and hustle.

Southern Miss is no exception.


Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech)

About the campaign:

Indiana Tech is highlighting their Annual Fund and educating potential donors around how this fund impacts their students. While the campaign puts an emphasis on scholarships, Indiana Tech walks their audience through the various ways the Annual Fund supports their campus, from student services to physical campus needs.

Why weCVFxCrgWwAAFBFp.png-large love it:

Indiana Tech created a high quality video with a student at the focus, and she discusses how scholarships affected her college experience. This is a great, short video that adds a personalized touch, which really allows potential donors to witness the impact a gift can make, in the flesh.

We always say that the best appeals are character-driven and people-focused, and Indiana Tech did an incredible job telling a story - with their video, through their "About" section, and likely, as they continue to steward the donors who gave to this campaign.



We are truly delighted to have walked alongside these nine institutions, and we are excited to see how they progress throughout the rest of the evening.

Thank you to you pioneers who are making crowdfunding possible at your institution. We are honored to be a part of your big day.

Happy #GivingTuesday from our team to yours.

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