Step 1: Create Your Advocate Page

Your Advocate page is your personal page in which you share a short appeal about why you care about the campaign. This way, visitors to your campaign page can click on your name under "team" to learn more about your involvement. It's also a personal link you can share with your friends and family.

To create your Advocate Page, navigate to your dashboard and click "Advocate" and then follow the instructions. It shouldn't take more than five minutes!

Watch the "Create Your Advocate Page" video.

Step 2: Add Contacts to Your Account

You will primarily fundraise using the email system. Before you launch, add at least 15 contacts to your account of whom you intend to email once the campaign is live. You can do this by navigating to "contacts" on your dashboard and uploading the email addresses by following the instructions!

Watch the "Add Contacts" video.

Step 3: Send and Schedule Emails

The best way to raise money for your campaign is to send emails! Even better, scheduling them all in advance allows you to put your focus on other areas of fundraising throughout your live campaign.

After adding your email contacts to your account, click "My Fundraising Emails" from your dashboard, then "Send an Email."

From here, you can select and customize a pre-drafted template or create your own from scratch! Then, either send the email or schedule it for a future time. Try to schedule all templates to go out at strategic intervals in your campaign, that way you can move onto other fundraising strategies!


Happy Funding!