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What We Do

We partner with educational institutions to tell amazing stories
and raise support for their meaningful causes.

Digital Fundraising Platform

Powerful and robust technology that empowers organizations of any size to easily build, launch, promote, and report on crowdfunding campaigns, Giving Days, cause pages, and matchup campaigns.

Dynamic Giving Experiences

Designed to convert donors quickly and comfortably. Visitors stay on the campaign page when donating, never losing sight of the cause they are impacting.

Program and Campaign Advising

Partnering with colleges and universities since 2013, we provide you with an experienced team to help define your program goals and launch, manage, and measure your digital fundraising efforts.

Extensive Support

From questions on how to use our platform to inquiries into the persona of a Millennial donor, our team provides a wide-range of support services to cater to your campaign, program, and institutional needs.


Digital Fundraising Success

The procedures and methodologies necessary to launch a community-wide digital fundraising program that keeps your focus on what matters most, the donor.

Enterprise Governance and Vetting

A complete set of governance and vetting workflows empower your team to scale outcomes, not resources.

Proven Training Methodology

Every campaign team is stewarded through our proven training methodology which fuses fundraising best practices, inbound marketing principles, and engaging storytelling, to drive outcomes.

Focus on What Matters

With governance and training taken care of, you can be creative and proactive about scaling your program and stewarding donors.

Powerful Technology

We provide innovative fundraising technology to philanthropic enterprises.

Beautiful Branded Campaign Pages

Inspire your community with campaigns that are designed and branded by your institution.

Mobile Donation Forms

Engage every generation of your community with responsive and mobile-optimized campaign pages.

Dynamic Campaign Pages

Engaging digital campaign pages with live updates and quick in-page interactions.

Unified Platform

Launch campaigns, manage volunteers, conduct outreach, accept donations, steward donors, and report on your program from a single online platform.

Secure Online Giving

Our embeded giving forms are fully PCI-DSS v3.2 compliant and secured using top-tier DigiCert SSL certificates. In other words, your data is in a locked vault under heavy guard.

Digitial Storytelling Platform

Share a marketplace of compelling causes with your community.

We share our best stories in our blog.

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