Pre Settlement Funding

Lawsuit loans are actually non recourse advances for plaintiffs involved in a personal injury case that need immediate cash.  Seed Funding can purchase a portion of your lawsuit in exchange for an advance against your pending lawsuit settlement.  We specialize in car accident loans and other related personal injury loans.  Pre settlement funding is non recourse- so it isn’t a traditional loan.  If you don’t win your case- you don’t owe us anything.  

Settlement Loans

The nice thing about pre settlement advances is that you can actually get 10-20% of your expected settlement from the funding company and this is considered to be your money.

So you can spend it as you please and without any restrictions. What’s even better is that the advance you receive is yours no matter what – even if you eventually lose your case…

And, in the event you do lose your case, you won’t have to pay back one red cent of your pre settlement funding to the funding company either!

There’s NO credit check and NO employment verification…

With pre settlement funding, you don’t pay any fees or monthly payments to receive this money either. The only way you pay anything is if you win your case.

Pre Settlement Loans

Do you feel pressured to settle your case prematurely? Our funding options can relieve your financial burden while your case is still pending, allowing your attorney the time necessary to negotiate the settlement that you deserve. Your personal credit is irrelevant when getting pre settlement funding; in fact, we don’t even check your credit!

Our pre settlement lawsuit loans can provide you with anywhere from $500.00 to $500,000.00 and there are no restrictions on the use of this cash. It is your money to spend as you wish! You can pay living expenses, medical expenses, tuition for you or your children, start a business, or spend it on whatever you deem necessary for you and your family.

Plus, we can get you approved and funded in as little as 24 hours!

Our goal is to get you the cash you need NOW. It’s fast and simple. Once your information is received, we will do everything for you to process your pre settlement funding request.

Lawsuit Loans

Could you imagine how great it would feel to have the financial relief you need tomorrow?  And still give your attorney the time he or she needs to get the full amount of money you deserve from your case? What can you do? Lawsuit funding might be the answer to your questions.

What can lawsuit funding do for you? Think about it for a moment.  With lawsuit funding you have money now that’s yours to use without any restrictions.  You can finally pay off your debts.  You can put it away for your kids’ education.  You can start that business you’ve always dreamed of.  Or you can buy that shiny new car you’ve always wanted … it doesn’t matter!

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